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R 354 900

Discounted by 4.06%

phone +27 13 757 5000
Structured finance available
Warranties available on request
This COMBO CARGO has a AUTOMATIC gearbox
Torque is rated at
This COMBO CARGO has a AUTOMATIC gearbox
Engine displacement 0
OPEL COMBO CARGO available in {"id":132,"active":1,"dws":1,"payforcars":1,"livechat":null,"tradesearch":1,"rentals":0,"blogs":0,"getscore":0,"lcs_vap":0,"price_estimator":null,"motorgroup_id":27,"district_id":257,"feed_id":6,"crm_id":2,"crm_auto":1,"fetch_leads":0,"priceboard_estimated":0,"leadconnect":0,"salesrobin":0,"onestream":0,"pin":"WVNE","external_dealer_id":"M0101","external_crm_id":"WV001","crm_pin":"WV","crm_flrcode":null,"name":"Westvaal Nelspruit","contact":"Jannie Nell","phone":"+27 13 757 5000","mobile":"+27 13 757 5000","leadconnect_phone":null,"calltracking_id":null,"email":"","address":"1A Emnotweni Avenue, Riverside Park, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga","address_zip":"1200","postal":"PO Box 13563, Riverside, Nelspruit","postal_zip":"1226","website":"https:\/\/","cyfe":null,"slug":"nelspruit","logo":"\/westvaal1\/nelspruit\/logo\/nelspruit.png","logo_width":363,"logo_height":61,"photo":"\/westvaal1\/nelspruit\/logo\/nelspruit-photo.jpg","photo_width":901,"photo_height":901,"readytogo_logo":"\/westvaal1\/nelspruit\/logo\/nelspruit-r2go.jpg","readytogo_logo_width":80,"readytogo_logo_height":80,"readytogo_days":null,"twt_consumer_key":null,"twt_consumer_secret":null,"twt_user_token":null,"twt_user_secret":null,"google_site_verification":"0emfX7dGinM2SfKsvnk6TdTnNAxkfW7CwbX6xtQsIHw","google_ga":"UA-127567613-1","google_adwords_code":null,"google_adwords_label":null,"google_place_id":null,"facebook_init":"556104258171053","facebook_url":"https:\/\/\/WestvaalNels\/","facebook_app_id":"640065589521860","facebook_account_id":"334033454048265","offer_admin_fee":null,"offer_service_fee":null,"offer_rate":"3","deposit":null,"balloon":null,"offer_notes":null,"google_iframe_map":"https:\/\/\/maps\/embed?pb=!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d14410.792819981229!2d30.9628054!3d-25.4483514!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x0%3A0xbcc951ba5323851!2sWestvaal+Nelspruit!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sza!4v1539695893101","google_map":null,"description":"As an authorized member of the Westvaal Motor Group, Westvaal Nelspruit welcomes you to spend some time with us! Have a look at our latest new, used and demo specials or find out just how much you can save by using our finance calculator. We are dedicated to structuring the best deal possible for all our customers and it\u2019s our mission to make your Westvaal experience an unforgettable one.\r\n \r\n\r\nWestvaal Nelspruit is committed to providing you with professional and friendly service from first purchase to last service.\r\nVisit our dealership and experience friendly personable attention, professional service and view a wide range of new, used and demo vehicles.\r\nOr if you can\u2019t get to us today, give us a call on 013 000 8626 and we\u2019ll assist you immediately with car queries, vehicle valuations and more!","stock_default":null,"notes":"<strong>Laurence Van Zyl<\/strong> - 2019-08-12 12:13:53<br><strong>Zandelee Smit<\/strong> - 2019-07-24 14:43:18<br><strong>Abigail Oosthuizen<\/strong> - 2019-07-22 15:53:02<br><strong>Abigail Oosthuizen<\/strong> - 2019-07-22 15:52:09<br><strong>Abigail Oosthuizen<\/strong> - 2019-07-15 09:12:23<br><strong>Jemma Lamb<\/strong> - 2019-07-11 13:44:22<br><strong>Jemma Lamb<\/strong> - 2019-07-11 12:58:15<br><strong>Laurence Van Zyl<\/strong> - 2019-06-21 10:19:52<br><strong>Veronique Smit<\/strong> - 2019-05-28 13:55:23<br><strong>Steph du Toit<\/strong> - 2019-04-11 17:14:02<br>","newcar_emails":"","usedcar_emails":"","service_emails":"","accessory_emails":"","parts_emails":"","fis_emails":"","lost_emails":"","admin_emails":",","morning_emails":",,","hr_emails":"","getscore_emails":null,"lcs_emails":null,"doc_emails":null,"primary_color":"#ffffff","secondary_color":"#ffffff","built_at":null,"golive_at":"2019-02-28","created_at":"2018-09-14 13:28:45","updated_at":"2019-08-12 12:13:53","district":{"id":257,"province_id":6,"name":"Nelspruit","created_at":null,"updated_at":null}}->district->name

Accessories included SMASH + GRAB, TRACKER INSTALLED

Factory Features on this Model

Seats , Spare wheel , Fuel , Engine , Engine size 0cc, CO2 0g/Km, Power , Torque , Valves , Gears 0, Drive 0, 0-100Km/h 0sec, Top speed 0Km/h, Boot capacity 0 litres, Average fuel consumption 0l/km, Service interval km

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widgets Finance Calculator

The finance calculator is a form of loan simulator and is NOT AN OFFER by Westvaal Nelspruit
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Terms and Conditions

The finance calculator is a form of loan simulator and is NOT AN OFFER by Westvaal Nelspruit, its management, employees, representatives, agents or affiliates of any kind. It is provided to you for information and convenience purposes only and does not constitute financial advice in any form or manner. It is a guide only, which is based on certain assumptions and approximations, and we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information thereof. Westvaal Nelspruit, its management, employees, representatives, agents or affiliates DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for any errors or omissions whatsoever in relation to the finance calculator, and DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY for any loss, damage, inconvenience experienced or otherwise, caused in respect of any reliance on the finance calculator or information on this website.

The finance calculator will not pre-qualify you for any loan programs whatsoever.

Actual instalments on loans obtained with financial institutions will vary depending on:

  • the current prime interest rate;
  • the financial institution’s variables;
  • the type, condition and age of the vehicle;
  • your credit rating with the financial institution concerned;
  • the respective initiation fees; and the time period between the effective date of the loan and the first instalment payable.

Please note that you should seek appropriate financial advice before concluding any loan agreements.

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Metallic Paint NO
Leather NO

arrow_drop_downOriginal Warranty & Maintenance

Service Indicator NO

arrow_drop_downSafety & Security

Driver Air Bag NO
Passenger Air Bag NO
Side Impact Air Bag NO
Service Indicator NO
Impact Tensioning Seat Belts NO
Security System NO



Manual / Automatic

Hybrid/Clutchless NO

arrow_drop_downDimensions & Weight

Height 0mm
Length 0mm
Width mm
Clearance 0mm

arrow_drop_downSpeed & Fuel

Year 2019
Mileage 15 km
Colour White
Gearbox --
Cylinders 0
Power rpm
Fuel tank 0 l
Carbon emmission CO2 (g/km) 0
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Installment* R6 729
Months 84
Interest rate 13.00%
Deposit 0%

All calculations made on calculators supplied on this site, together with rates quoted, are guidelines only and are subject to confirmation at the time of finalising any transactions. All information regarding the products, fees and/or costs which are included in and form a funddamental basis of the calculations are subject to change at any time prior to a final pre-arrangement quote being handed to the User.

The User indemnifies Westvaal Motor Group Westvaal Nelspruit against any loss or liablity, which the User may suffer as a result of the use of any calculator. The site and ll information provided on this site and the services provided on this site, are provided "as is". The information provided on this site should not be treated as professional advice of any kind.

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